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What is spam ? - Why scanning email spam will never work

The ACE  24 July 2015 11:42:57 AM
I recently had a staff member ask me a very interesting and possibly counter intuitive question "What is Spam ?"

If your answer is the same as mine "I cant tell you what it is because it is a on going bad experience for a lot of people" - luckily not for us or our customers.

After I thought about this it dawned on me that this is why NSA - No Spam Accepted is predicated on the correct design decisions.

Further, here is how to prove that the scanning of email after the message has been accepted by the email server will never work and as anyone who 'understand' spam will tell you.

When you talk with companies that provide email scanning software they regularly slip in the phrase "Maintenance Contact" - because the customer needs to have their scanning signatures updated over & over & over because the signatures used to scan the emails are out of date on a daily basis.

Imagine having to take you car into the mechanic on a daily basis, no other industry except ICT can get away with these revenue generating tactics.

It is the old IBM account management approach of FUD ( Fear , Uncertainty , Doubt ) approach, you scare the customer into action.