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What is ItIs.NU (New)

The ACE  7 July 2013 01:24:47 PM
We started ItIs.NU (NEW) because we could not find a site that allowed us to post details about an item (Shinny Stuff) we wanted to buy and have been trying to organise a deal for it.

As we worked away at ItIs.NU we came up with other cool ideas of how we could use the system to do many other tynigs with our new shinny stuff.

- Keep a list of our assets for insurance
- Track our warrantys
- Private / Reverse Group purchases
- Find someone who wanted to buy our pre-loved items
- Haggle for a better deal by advertising the purchase
- Swap cool ideas of how to 'Hack' our5 shinny stuff
- Have a central portal to manage quotes
- Tell others about a great of not so good service you have received

The marvy thing about ItIs.NU is that you can update or system from Twitter and Facebook or update Twitter and Facebook from our systems with a SMS or email.
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