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TrustedAdvisor.IT recommends checking remote systems - Microsoft DOS systeminfo command

The ACE  13 November 2014 11:45:16 AM
Microsoft DOS systeminfo command

About systeminfo

Displays complete system information for Microsoft Windows client computers.

This command is only available to Microsoft Windows client computers and is not available in Microsoft Windows XP Home.


The systeminfo.exe command is an external command that is available in the below Microsoft operating systems.

Windows XP Professional
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8


systeminfo [/s Computer [/u Domain\User [/p Password]]] [/fo {TABLE|LIST|CSV}] [/nh]
/s Computer Specifies the name or IP address of a remote computer (do not use backslashes). The default is the local computer.
/u Domain\User Runs the command with the account permissions of the user specified by User or Domain\User. The default is the permissions of the current logged on user on the computer issuing the command.
/p Password Specifies the password of the user account that is specified in the /u parameter.
/fo {TABLE|LIST|CSV} Specifies the format to use for the output. Valid values are TABLE, LIST, and CSV. The default format for output is LIST.
/nh Suppresses column headers in the output. Valid when the /fo parameter is set to TABLE or CSV.



The above command would display information about the computer and the operating system, including networking information, and installed hotfixes.
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