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Web Site Privacy Policy

The ACE  14 November 2014 09:07:40 AM
If you are involved in a blog or web site with all the security breaches we seem to be hearing about daily, you need to have a very clear privacy policy / proclamation.

Here is one you might like to 'refresh' to your own liking :)

We are  (This Site) committed to protecting your privacy while you are visiting our Site.

Personal Details

Visitors can browse, use the search features of our site or telephone our call centre for assistance without supplying any personal details. The amount of assistance we can give without some personal details will be greatly limited.


We maintain a high level of security and want you to feel comfortable with our policy regarding the collection, storage, transmission and use of any personal details collected in the course of handling your enquiry or doing business with you. In order to provide assistance, you will be asked to supply the minimum of personal details necessary to complete the transaction, such as your full name, address, phone number, email address, credit card type and number and expiration date. Your personal information will not be shared with any supplier/s unless authorised by you. Your phone number and email address may be used for advice notices regarding the services we provide to you.

Storage of your Details

Because we realise how important the security of your personal information is, the storage of names, addresses and phone numbers (THIS SITE DOES NOT RETAIN CREDIT CARD DETAILS) are held on our secure servers in our state-of-the-art data centre which has multiple levels of security including video surveillance, 24hour security staff, bomb proof building, biometric staff authentication, reinforced structure, security breach protection. Flood, fire, intrusion detection and protection systems. We will permit only authorised employees, who are trained in the handling of personal data, to have access to your personal information.

Transmission of your details

We exercise great care in providing secure transmission of your personal information. THIS SITE uses S/MIME and standard SSL 128-bit RC4 encryption technology to encode all personal information relating to clients when it travels over public networks.

General security

We have made every effort to secure your information but have no control over the security of the internet as a whole, other web sites, ISP's or your own system, so we cannot give a 100% guarantee. We do recommend that users of the internet follow good security practices and maintain regular virus checks of their systems with good antivirus programs using the latest virus definitions and the regular use of freely available software to remove any malicious files, popup advertising, diallers, malicious tracking cookies, trojan virus's etc. from your system. Depending on your software, all relevant security patches/updates should be installed. Note: our internal software utilises different code and is less likely to be effected by these world wide security threats.

Market Research

We may perform market research from time to time in an effort to improve our service and performance to our clients and suppliers. This market research may be performed by our own staff or a third party may be asked to conduct market research analysis on our behalf. Only the minimum details required for this market research and analysis will be supplied to any third party and will be covered by confidentiality agreements to protect your details.

What we will not do

THIS SITE will not sell or rent your personal information including your email address to any third parties.

Pop Up Advertising

The THIS SITE web site does not employ or encourage pop up advertising but we have no control over sites which we do not own that may be linked to our site.

Information Collected

When you visit the THIS SITE web site, we like many other internet sites record statistical information about your visit such as your IP address, country of origin and the number of pages visited etc. This information is used to analyse web traffic and does not record any personal information.

Your personal details may be disclosed if:

You violate our terms and conditions, cause harm or nuisance to other users or suppliers, violate any law, rule or regulation regarding credit card fraud and violation of any other current law or regulation, or if required by law or regulatory authority or court order.

In the event that this company is sold or taken over or assets acquired, our database including your details may be transferred to another company or entity.

Not Covered by this Privacy Policy

Links to sites not maintained by us, or in the course of completing a transaction, the use of the selected third party companies or entities that we do not own or control, may have a different Privacy Policy and standard to ours. We recommend you review their respective privacy policies before supplying them with your personal details.

Comments or Questions

If you wish to make any comments about our Privacy Policy or have any questions or concerns, please email us at: privacy@webenhanced.com
Changes to This Privacy Policy

We may need to change the wording, add to, or delete sections of this policy and this could happen at any time for any reason. Any changes will be posted to this site and will take effect immediately. If any changes relate to the way we use or store your personal information, we will post an advisory notice on our home page. We recommend regular review of our privacy policy to keep up to date with any alterations.