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NSA - No Spam Accepted - waste their time

The ACE  31 October 2014 08:43:59 PM
This was our experience with kickstart - not much

Your project title and blurb should be simple, specific and memorable. Our search tools run through these sections of your project, so be sure to incorporate any key words here!

Project title

We have developed No Spam Accepted (NSA) over more than 5 years and the design of this system guarantees that we do not accept spam. Due to the amount of traffic our servers receive day in day out we are not happy to detail how we achieve this in this forum. We get a lot of wannabie's come a knocking :)

Over the years one of our blogs http://blog.ozitsecurity.com.au has been visited by hackers as you can read about on the blog who are very annoyed at not being able to deliver their pay loads. Yes the system does not accept store and then analyse spam for content it blocks spammers in real time. The hackers have download the whole blog over & over & over and when we add any new entry to the blog it is hit almost immediately. I guess they are hoping we will brag about how we are able to determine they are spammers.

How do we know they are hackers, well we have a list of all the IPV4 address allocations and from the monitoring of the inbound traffic we know that domains like 162.com, hinet.net, ovh.net and vnn.vn to name just a few that we have seen over the years trying to relay mail or deliver spam to our servers.

One of the ten commandments of NSA is that it does not provide a 'great' service to spammers. So we are attempting to waste as much time of these as we can !!!

Short blurb

We are looking to migrate our  No Spam Accepted (NSA) system from IBM software written in C to a Zimbra add-on.

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Risks and challenges

We see the biggest risk as the method we use to reject the spam leaking out into the public domain and thus giving the spammers a vector to try and get around our methods.

As NSA has been in production for more than 5 years we know the design is solid as it has been time tested, but the code is procedural C not C++ and we would like to 'refresh' the code base when we move to Zimbra, so obviously we would be introducing 'issues' as we move to the new platform.

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